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Current Research Projects

While the field of chemistry is broad and multifaceted, the synthesis of new compounds remains a core value. The Robinson Research Group proudly embraces the inherent wonders of synthetic chemistry. Current research projects target the fascinating chemistry of the main group elements frequently found at the interface of organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Typically, such compounds possess unusual chemical bonds that may be synthetically exploited. The stabilization of such compounds often requires the utilization of sterically bulky ligands with unusual electronic properties. This technique has resulted in the synthesis of a number of iconic compounds that have generated considerable interest in the chemistry community including the first compound containing a gallium-gallium triple bond (an organometallic analog of acetylene), the first compound containing a boron-boron double bond (a boron analog of ethylene), and the stabilization of new diatomic allotropes of silicon and phosphorus. A few current research projects are:

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